Top Zoos in Phoenix, Visit Phoenix's Best 

Top Zoos in Phoenix, Visit Phoenix's Best Zoos

When visiting Phoenix, most take into consideration cactus and attractive desert landscapes, however, there is another sector of wildlife and nautical style waiting to dazzle when visiting these Phoenix area zoos and aquariums.

Phoenix Aquarium

Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium

Located twenty miles west of Phoenix in Litchfield Park, the Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium is among the most unique zoos in Phoenix and the encompassing area. It's also the home of the biggest population and assortment of animal varieties of all zoos in Arizona.

Wildlife World Zoo supplies a hands on experience. Visitors can feed giraffes and Lory Parrots, pet sting rays and touch star fish. You can go to the kids Petting Zoo with an possibility to pet and feed captivating baby deer, llamas, goats and other animals. It's superb fun for children of every age. The Baby Animal Nursery offers visitors the unique chance to view awfully young individuals many animal species.

Aquatic every day life is quite normal at this Phoenix aquarium.

View sharks, seahorses, star fish and even a Nile Crocodile! It is an excitement.

Phoenix Zoo

The Phoenix Zoo is a privately owned non-profit zoological park based in the city centre near to the Sky Harbour airfield. Voted one of the Top 5 Zoos For Children in the united states, it's where you can over 1,300 animals which include many endangered wildlife. Thrill for the roaring of African Lions or let yourself be charmed from the cuddlesome Koala. You could even come eyeball to eyeball with the awe-inspiring White Rhinoceros!

Bring your family and luxuriate in among the many Specialized Activities hosted in the Phoenix Zoo such as the Nov thru Jan fave, Zoolights.

The Phoenix Zoo also hosts a great choice of all year infancy and youth programs where kids love learning about the animals by having an enjoyable, interactive and proactive approach. Find and experience the expedition that awaits you at the zoo in Phoenix!

Thunderbird Conservation Park

Located on the edges of close by Glendale will be the Thunderbird Conservation Park. This 1,185-acre conservation park is found in the Hedgpeth Hills just ten miles from Phoenix and is where you can several varieties of native desert plants and creatures. Activities on the Thunderbird Conservation Park include watching birds and wildlife spotting, trail cycling, pony trekking, hiking and a covered picnic area.

Phoenix Aquarium

Through the entire Thunderbird Conservation Park is a structure of eleven trails that total approximately fifteen miles of diverse difficulty terrain. These multi-use trails may be enjoyed for hiking, pony trekking and cycling and provide excellent possibilities for stills and wildlife observation. There are 4 viewing blinds strategically found close to the synthetic lake that offer fantastic visibility to places that more than fifty varieties of wildlife and birds gather. Wildlife species in the area include : Kangaroo rats, bats, grey fox, raccoon, mountain lion, owls, falcons, hawks, gila monsters and a lot of other species.


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